My Body Doesn't Belong in a Magazine, But That Doesn't Define Me

My Body Doesn't Belong in a Magazine, But That Doesn't Define Me

Last update: 13 February, 2016

My body has never met a scalpel. My stature and my weight don’t define me. My life does not revolve around the amount of calories I consume. I don’t depend on my BMI to be happy. I have an enormous capacity to love and hug the people that I care about.

No, my body doesn’t belong in a magazine. And I don’t either. But people in magazines don’t exist. Most of the curves we see are the result of retouches, and my personality is not dependent on what other people think of me.

My arms and legs are not completely defined, my breasts are not as big as others would like them to be, wrinkles have started to appear on my face, and my nails are not always manicured. But this body is mine, one where stretch marks have started to appear without making me tremble, where my weight does not determine my personal growth, where I do not live like a slave over a lack or excess of curves.

love your body

I like to take care of myself, but I can also eat pizza or cake without any kind of remorse. That is exactly what allows me to not hate my reflection in the mirror and to feel proud of every inch of my skin. I consider myself to be perfectly imperfect, a product of my life experiences and my well-being.

There is life beyond the mirror

Your well-being is compromised when you run away from looking at yourself, exploring yourself, and recognizing yourself in your own body.  You are not what an anti-cellulite cream makes of you; you are you, loving and getting to know every corner of your body.

We are not taking care of ourselves if every time we look in the mirror we scold ourselves for our thigh fat, cellulite, or wrinkles. We have to create a safe internal space for our body, instead of punishing and humiliating it.

We are much more than we think we are. Our interior contains much more than our intellect can comprehend.

butterfly in hand

You were born to be real, not for other people to tell you that you have to be perfect

There is no woman more intelligent than one who knows how to get respect. There is no woman more beautiful than one who has a big heart. There is no woman stronger than one who believes in herself. There is no woman more admirable than one who has dignity. There is no woman more elegant than one who is a lady. There is no woman healthier than one who really knows herself. There is no woman happier than one who knows that she has value.

It’s not up to the rest of the world to pass judgment on the beauty of our curves. Beauty does not depend on weight, the perfect figure, or perfect hair. There is nothing more feminine than a big smile outlining a strong and happy face. Without lipstick or blush, because a natural woman is much more beautiful.

Maybe we can’t ask our skin to keep the elasticity of our youth or even our forties, but what we can achieve is a good smile when we look in the mirror or when we fit into our jeans.

Undress every day as if your imperfect body were a poem. Make peace with it and set aside the personal war between your and your size and weight. Because your worth, your enjoyment, and your well-being depend on you. In a manner of speaking, only you can make yourself feel beautiful, both inside and out.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.