7 Amazing Phrases about Forgiveness

7 Amazing Phrases about Forgiveness

Last update: 16 September, 2020

Forgiveness is an act of compassion, but above all of liberation –  for those who receive it, but above all for those who give it. These acts of generosity with one and another are fundamental in order to maintain our emotional stability. They are vital for us to be able to close old chapters and open new ones. It is very difficult to feel good while you are harboring resentment, and that is why today we are bringing you some amazing phrases that will help you to forgive.

In many cases it is not easy to forgive people who have hurt us, especially when everything inside us is calling out for revenge. Our actions can also fuel this resentment. It is even more difficult when the wound was caused by someone we love or hold in very high esteem. That is why we have said it is an act of generosity; a decision that we take deep inside our own soul.

Forgiveness is a sublime act, and it occurs as a result of a process of reconciliation. This implies a new agreement. An agreement not to repeat the actions that caused the problem in the first place. It’s always worth it. For ourselves and for others. Here are the 7 phrases we’d like to share with you.

“There is nothing worse for the head, and therefore for the body, than fear, guilt, resentment and criticism, which makes you a judge and an accomplice of what you dislike.”

-Facundo Cabral-

Forgiving is not easy

One of the phrases that will help you forgive comes from the pen of Benjamin Franklin. It says “The three most difficult things in this world are: keeping a secret, forgiving a grievance and making the most of our time.”

Forgiveness is never easy, neither for one nor for the other. In both cases it demands greatness. From the one who asks for forgiveness, because he must acknowledge his mistake and commit himself to not repeat the wrong. And from the one who forgives, because it demands nobility, generosity and an understanding of the weaknesses of others.

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Two phrases that will help you forgive

Mahatma Gandhi left us with many phrases that will help you forgive. Forgiveness was at the center of the philosophy of his whole life. One of his sayings states: “Forgiving is for the courageous and the brave. Only the one who is strong enough to forgive an offense knows how to love. “

Gandhi made an association between forgiveness and love, because both these virtues need strength. So did Martin Luther King, who said: “He who is unable to forgive is incapable of love.” In love there is always the capacity for forgiveness … and in forgiveness there is always the capacity to love.

Forgiveness is a blessing

William Shakespeare offers us a vision of forgiveness that reveals its scope. It doesn’t only favor he who receives it, but also the one who gives it. He once wrote “Forgiveness falls like gentle rain from heaven to earth. It is doubly blessed; it blesses the one who gives it and also the one who receives it.

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When forgiving, whoever is able to forget the offense, becomes a greater person. He is able to forget the damage he received and he seeks peace with the other person. The one who is forgiven receives that benefit, but not free of cost. He will grow only when he acknowledges his mistake and admits that his behavior was not at all acceptable.

The need for forgiveness

One of the most important reasons to forgive is the fact that all human beings make mistakes. This reminds us of a saying of Jacinto Benavente: “We only learn to forgive in life when we have needed to be forgiven by others.” We are human and, sooner or later, we all need forgiveness.

On the other hand, there are also those who are always blaming themselves and are hard on themselves when they make mistakes. They feel eternally condemned to apologize for everything they do. In this regard Confucius says: “Forgive everything in those who do not forgive themselves”. These are words that really do call for generosity of spirit.

By forgiving you get peace

Demián Bucay also reminds us of the great benefit gained by those who forgive. One of his reflections says the following: “After an offense, the way to recover your peace, and to gain your freedom and psychological balance is to forgive. Only then will we heal the wound and prevent resentment from paralyzing us “

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The final statement is really eye-opening. Resentments have great power and feed on themselves. When they are very intense and remain for in our lives for a long time, they end up paralyzing us. They limit our emotional lives and prevent us from moving on.

It would be great if we could all have these sayings about forgiveness at the forefront of our thoughts. Forgiveness liberates us and makes us better people. The most important thing of all is to do it with all our heart. It isn’t just a ritual to eliminate guilt, but rather a time to stop and rethink. And if you put it into practice then it should help you and those around you to truly grow.

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