3 Great Historical Love Stories

3 Great Historical Love Stories

Last update: 17 November, 2020

Love always has a bit of magic to it, no matter when or where it happens. Your world changes. Love makes it poetic. Love transforms all lovers. It’s like you sprout wings and suddenly have the power to fly through the air. As proof of love’s ability to enchant the hearts of people, today we’ll look at three unforgettable love stories in history.

We’re going to talk about unusual relationships. These lovers were faced with enormous obstacles and the decision to either overcome them or succumb to them. They remained loyal to their love despite adversity. And so they went down in history.

History is full of special love stories. Today, we’ll only recount three of them. But they’re extraordinary — they tell the tales of brave lovers who stayed together despite everything. They are proof that love is an incredible force.

1. Manuela and Bolivar, a love story to go down in history

Manuelita Sáenz was a woman who had anything she could possibly want. She came from a wealthy family and had married a British man who adored her. She was young, beautiful, and one of the most respected figures in all of Quito.

The very day the province gained its independence, Manuela’s life changed forever. She dressed up and went to a ball. And she met the man she would love until the end of her days: Simon Bolivar.

Manuelita and Simon Bolivar: love stories in history.

Manuela left her husband, her land, and her wealth to follow “El Libertador.” He also fell in love with her. He called her “My kind lunatic.” She accompanied him in the barracks and fought with the Creole army, earning the rank of captain.

However, what made this couple one of the greatest historical love stories of all time was her courageous actions in the so-called September Conspiracy of 1828. Bolivar’s enemies were trying to kill him. Manuela, sword in hand, confronted them. This gave Bolivar enough time to escape. Manuela went down in history as “La Libertadora del Libertador” or “The Liberator’s Liberator.”

2. Abelard and Heloise

Abelard and Heloise were another of history’s greatest love stories. Peter Abelard was one of the wisest men of his time. He was a philosopher and a theologian, but his fame today wasn’t because of that.

What made him famous was his turbulent relationship with Heloise. Heloise was considered one of the most enlightened women of her time. She was his student when she was barely 16 years old.

They fell madly in love and she got pregnant, something that was quite unusual and frowned upon at the time. Abelard kidnapped her and took her to his sister’s house. There, “Astrolabe” was born and left in the care of his relatives.

Later, they eloped so as not to spoil Abelard’s career. Heloise’s uncle and tutor reprimanded her for refusing to publicly accept the marriage. He even went as far as to physically hit her.

Abelard took Heloise to a convent in order to protect her from her uncle. The uncle, irate, castrated Abelard. The two lovers never saw each other again. However, they never lost touch — thanks to their tender love letters. These letters make up some of the best literature in French history. Later, in the 19th century, the lovers were reunited in a shared tomb in Paris.

3. Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s love was unforgettable. Their relationship gained worldwide fame because he renounced the throne of England in order to marry her. It was very controversial. Many saw it as one of the most romantic gestures of the 20th century. Others saw it as a disaster.

The English people never forgave him for making such a decision. Great historical loves sometimes clash with more practical matters, like power. It was 1936, and Europe was almost at war. Edward VIII had a reputation for being capricious and of weak character. Churchill even said that the United Kingdom should thank Wallis Simpson for having freed the country of the terrible king he would have been.

The truth is that Edward, heir to the crown, was hopelessly in love with Wallis and gave up everything to be with her. What happened next was shocking. The couple lived a completely frivolous life.

They hopped from party to party, always traveling around. They left unpaid bills everywhere they went. She enjoyed humiliating him. And he only fell further in love. He withstood quite a lot, even her blatant infidelities.

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