21 Goodnight Messages for Someone Special

Do you want to wish goodnight to someone special and need some ideas? This article contains 21 good night phrases for you to choose and reflect upon.
21 Goodnight Messages for Someone Special

Last update: 04 October, 2021

Night appears and, as the noise and hubbub of the day disappear, you might think about wishing that special someone in your life goodnight. What will you say though? In this article, we give you 21 suggestions.

The messages we’ve chosen vary. Some are romantic and passionate while others are more affectionate or even just friendly. Choose the one you like the most and send it to that special person in your life.

Goodnight messages for someone special

“You’re the reason why my dreams are so sweet. Tomorrow I want to kiss you. Goodnight my love!”

What a lovely message this is. It’s full of passion and a great way to say goodnight to that special someone.

A woman smiling.

“Being far apart never stops me from thinking about you, especially now, when I’m getting ready for bed and realize how much I miss you”.

It’s when people go to sleep that they tend to think more about the special person in their life. This is because it’s a time for relaxation, solitude, and reflection.

“Our friendship will always be our best support. Goodnight, my friend!”

A message for wishing good night to friends. Indeed, as you probably already know, friendship is another form of love.

“Good night, sweetie! Sleep well.”

This is an ideal message to wish a peaceful and restful night’s sleep to a special friend.

“My greatest happiness when I get home after a day’s work is knowing that I’ll look into your eyes and hold your hands before I go to sleep”.

There are few things more healing than coming home from work and seeing the person you love. Use this message to remind them!

“My greatest wish is for you to dream of me and to be glad that these dreams will come true. Goodnight, my love”.

Dreams coming true make people really happy.

“I always find that the perfect moment to be thankful for having you in my life is just before I go to sleep. Goodnight, my love!”

An ideal phrase to send to your loved one that’s full of gratitude and love.

“Something inside of you makes you different from the others, you’re so special. Goodnight!”

This is a deeper phrase, ideal to praise your loved ones and make them feel special.

“Today we’ve had the best time! The best moments always stay close to us. Sleep tight, and bless your heart”.

This is a sweet message appropriate for friends, and ideal to let them know you appreciate and are thankful for all the moments you share.

“Today hasn’t been a normal day. Take a bath and relax. Then, sleep. Tomorrow’s another day and you’ll see things from another perspective”.

Another good night message for a special someone. It’s ideal when you want to let them know you understand that they’re going through a rough time. It also reminds them that you’re there when they need you.

“Someone special like you deserves a special message at the end of the day, so, goodnight and happy dreams!”

This message is perfect if you want to make someone feel special and ensure they think of you just before they fall asleep.

” If you don’t smile when you read this message, I haven’t touched your heart”.

Making someone smile makes them happy. That’s the true way to their heart.

“I always look at the stars and wonder if you’re also looking at them and thinking about me before you fall asleep”.

The best good night messages are those that touch another’s heart. This one about the stars is one of them.

“I’m afraid of the night because it’s so full of darkness. However, being with you lights up the night sky”.

A nice message that talks about fear of the dark but the possibility of overcoming it by being close to a special person who brightens your world.

“There are nights when my mind flies to you just to wish you sweet dreams”.

The mind and heart just gravitate towards our loved ones so this message is a great way to let them know it.

“I spend so many nights thinking of you. Sweet dreams”.

This is another good night message to remind them that you’re always thinking about them.

“What I like most about sleeping is that I can dream of you”.

Sometimes, the only way to be close to someone who’s far away is to dream about them.

A woman sleeping.

“May you sleep like an angel tonight and may your dreams fill you with blessings and much happiness. You’re very special, my friend”.

This good night message is ideal for couples, friends, and relatives as it’s sweet and affectionate.

“You make my nights so much more interesting and exciting. Have a wonderful night’s sleep”.

Another beautiful good night message to connect with that special someone and make them feel cherished.

“I want to dream of you just to keep loving you in my dreams”.

When people fall in love, they feel they don’t have enough time to spend with their special someone. That’s why they want to see them in their dreams too.

“Let all your worries out and let sweet dreams in”.

A good way to wish someone good night and encourage them to disconnect so that they can get their beauty sleep.

Finally, how do you wish good night to the people you love? Is it through poems, phrases, or images? Regardless of what you do, keep in mind that the most important thing is always to do so from the heart.


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