10 Signs You Are No Longer In Love

10 Signs You Are No Longer In Love

Last update: 28 May, 2016

Heartbreak hurts. It hurts in the soul and heart. All our dreams are broken like a vase that falls to the ground hard and splits into pieces…or the same vase that has fallen many times and was always able to be saved but can no longer be fixed.

We no longer look at each other, we no longer like each other. The complicity and everything we built together has been lost, we have ceased to love… But, why? What has killed our love? How has it escaped from our hands like this?

Over time, the monotony, the differences, the distance…have separated us. Indifference has become a part of life.

Each couple is different and there are a thousand reasons why this love that united two people has now disappeared. Oftentimes we do not want to see what they’re thinking. We give ourselves not one, but a thousand opportunities until we can’t take it any longer, because everything has a limit.

We can no longer take all of the many fights and differences, the distance has been unbearable to carry or we have been together so long that we have neglected our love…We forgot to water it like the most beautiful of flowers.

What are the signs we are no longer in love?

1. You’re no longer happy when they arrive.

Before you were looking forward to their arrival. You felt hope and no one could replace them. But now you are indifferent towards their presence. There are times where you don’t even want them to arrive.

“The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.”

-Elie Wiesel-

2. You no longer have sexual fantasies about your partner.

You longer think about your partner on a sexual level, nor do they even come to mind. And if you do, it’s with other people. It’s something you cannot help. Even if you’re not cheating, your mind continues to betray them and you.

3. There are no more acts of love like an unexpected kiss, a caress, a gift.

It simply no longer exits. The affection that was demonstrated in so many ways has disappeared. You do not feel that sense and desire to kiss, caress or even hug them.

The flame is out, the affection has died, your feelings have become cold.

4. You avoid physical contact at all costs. You don’t even want a single kiss.

You can’t stand when they touch you or give you a kiss. Not only do you avoid it, but you reject it. When your partner does it, you respond with a snub or with indifference.

distant couple stairs

5. Your face expresses boredom or anxiety when you’re with that person.

They say that the face is the mirror of the soul. Without realizing your sadness and discomfort, it will reflect on your face when you are with that person. But remember, it is not he or she who creates it. You do. Do not forget to take responsibility for your emotions.

6. You no longer care about what happens in their life.

Before you cared about how things went at work, if they were happy or sad, how things were going with their friends, and now…nothing. Sometimes you don’t even remember… You’re so immersed in your own thoughts that the space you had for your partner is gone.

7. That person is no longer attractive in any way.

Before you liked everything; their voice, their gestures, their physique, their personality, the way they looked, how they were with other people… everything! Now you do not find any of that enjoyable. Sometimes those same things that you liked now bother you.

8. You fantasize the possibility of having a relationship with other people around you.

When you’re in love you do not have eyes for anyone else. When you no longer feel anything, you start to look the other way.

There are coworkers and friends you look at with different eyes…a world of possibilities opens up around you.

9. There is no communication and if there is, it’s only accusations, fights…

Before you talked about everything. Now you no longer have anything to talk about and, if you do, it’s just when you fight, bring up things from the past, etc. Resentment has settled and has made you its slave.

couple back to back angry

10. They are no longer a part of your life: you never are together on anything.

Distance is physical and mental. Each day you feel more and more distant from your partner. The distances increase on the inside and out. And each day spend less time together.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.