Today I Will Achieve Everything I Set My Mind To

Today I Will Achieve Everything I Set My Mind To
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Written and verified by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Today is the day. Today I will achieve my goals, step by step. It is the day I will finally dare to walk towards the future I want, to what I’ve always dreamed of, to transform that dream into a reality.

I can smell that moment I reach my goals. I can feel the excitement in my heart, I can see the tears of joy rolling down my cheeks and pride of the people who want to see me fulfill my dreams.

I will be brave

Fear is not an obstacle, I’ll uncover the courage that have always had to fight what scares me. I will stand face to face with my fear of failure, my fear of other’s opinions, my fear of change.

I have finally understood that there is no such thing as failure, only the desire to learn. That the opinions of others are sometimes others’ fears, not mine, and that change can be a great opportunity.

“Being brave is not lack of fear but processing it in a way that does not stop you from working. That the adrenaline does not rule over you. “

-Walter Riso-


I will learn

I will become someone who does not look at the past, but lives the present and looks forward to the future. Someone who learns the lessons given by life and who does not give up. If I am curious about something, I’ll study because there will come a time when I can use it.

I will train myself in the subjects that fascinate me in order to develop my best skills doing what I like. I will never stop learning, being curious about new things, studying, reading, exploring. Now I know that everything I learn will have an application, will make sense in my life, will be something I use and that will help me persevere.

I will live in the present

The shadow of worry will not accompany me because from now on I will think about all the good things I have in my life, all the people I really love and I will live in the here and now, the warmth of each hug, every kind word, the kiss each person gives me to show their love.

“A man must live in the present, and who cares who you were last week, if you know who you are today?”

-Paul Auster-

I will set my goals and fight to achieve them

Today it is clear what I want and how I’ll get it. I will write my goals clearly in a place where I can see them, to remind myself every day of the path towards my dreams. I will fight the difficulties and everything that stands between me and what I want.

I will cherish myself

I have faults, like everyone, they are many, but every day I struggle to overcome them and accept them. And also, I have virtues that make me unique, that make me who I am. Today I learned to value myself, to see all the good things in myself and to do things that I really like and do well.

woman hugging herself

I will persevere

Nothing will stop me because I trust myself, believe in myself, which is why I have learned to persevere, to not to give up and fulfill my goals step by step. Perseverance will accompany me every moment of this day and all that will follow, to remind myself that I am a fighter and to convey my enthusiasm and spread my joy to others.

Today I will be myself

Today I will not hide, I’ll show myself as I am. I’ll tell you what I have to say, I will learn to say “no” when necessary, I will learn to communicate and to talk to others. I will not allow myself to be invaded by negative thoughts.

Today I will be myself. I’ll be brave and dare to dream. I will fight for what I dream, I’m going to enjoy the present and to appreciate who I am, today I will achieve everything I set my mind to.

“I may be tempted to be an impeccable woman with her hair combed and neat on the inside and out. The rules of this world require good looks: comb your hair, put on, take off, buy, run, slim down, eat healthy, walk straight, be serious… And maybe we should follow these instructions, but when I will receive the order to be happy? Maybe they didn’t realize that to look pretty, I have to feel beautiful… The most beautiful person I can be! “

-Quino (Mafalda) –


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