Six Simple Ways You Can Change the World

Our present day reality would be better if everyone decided to take action to change the world, to nurture it rather than nurture themselves. Paradises on earth do exist, but also, as intelligent, imaginative human beings, we have the possibility of creating them.
Six Simple Ways You Can Change the World

Last update: 28 May, 2020

We’re sure you’ve often dreamt of a world where there’s more justice and goodness. You’ve also probably been disappointed at one time or another to see that we’re so far from living out that reality. You’d like everything to be different, but you don’t always focus on taking action yourself to make those changes. How can you really change the world?

We all know that it’s a hackneyed phrase, but that doesn’t stop it from being true: change begins with you. If you join the crowd that’s waiting for the world to change before you do your part, then everything will stay the same. Each one of us must commit ourselves to start changing the world if we really want things to be different.

These actions don’t have to be anything spectacular. Simply by improving your attitude, you won’t only improve your own quality of life, but also that of others. Likewise, you’ll see that when you improve, everything around you will improve as well. So, what actions can you take? Let’s have a look.

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

-Mahatma Gandhi-

A woman at night.

Six ways to change the world

1. Don’t complain

Let’s be clear: you don’t have to keep quiet when something has annoyed you, nor should you lose your right to express your dissatisfaction when something is really wrong. However, what often happens is that, without you even realizing it, you end up criticizing everything. Not only does this torment those around you, but also makes you eat yourself up inside.

Seeing the negative side of everything is a common trend. If you want to take action to change the world, then don’t let this happen to you. When something bothers you, try to approach it from a different perspective. How can you make things different? What steps can you take to tolerate it when it’s something you can’t change immediately?

2. Take the initiative

Many of the world’s problems exist because no one wants to take the initiative. We’re not saying that you have to try to change the world’s political or economic system, but rather that you shouldn’t let opportunities pass where you can make small changes in your everyday life.

If you feel that no one supports you, why don’t you take the initiative and act in a different way? Nobody cares about being nice to others? Well, you have the chance to be the first to promote change. Don’t wait for others to do things – be an example to them!

3. Being honest can change the world

Honesty is a very devalued commodity, especially in specific areas of our lives. For some, being honest means being stupid. People think that if you have the chance to take a shortcut or take advantage of a situation, then you should, because everyone does it. Thus, if you don’t take the chance to get ahead, then people think you’re stupid.

The problem is that when the individuals who make up societies begin to act this way, then, logically, that society will soon become corrupt. Ironically, the very same people who support this type of reasoning will end up being victims of their own actions. Thus, one of the actions that can change the world is most definitely honesty.

4. Helping instead of criticizing

Every day, we come face to face with situations or people that we just don’t agree with. We can adopt the easy and comfortable attitude of just criticizing them. However, criticizing sometimes becomes a type of sport that ends up only exercising and strengthening your negative attitudes.

If you see something in someone that you think isn’t right, instead of criticizing them, why not try to help? Wouldn’t you like them to do the same with you? Rather than pointing out their mistakes, you could try to awaken them to the needs of others. If you want a different world, why not cultivate that attitude?

5. Develop empathy

The world would undoubtedly be a better place if we improved our ability to express our emotions correctly. This isn’t an abstract subject – we’re all in it together! We have a common destiny, whether we want to accept it or not.

The best thing here is that you’re going to prove something interesting: that when you’re kind and understanding to others, then they’ll naturally be the same with you. Just as selfishness and irritability become contagious, so do positive attitudes. If you keep this up on a regular basis, you’ll become positively contagious to others!

You can change the world with kindness.

6. Seek to be exemplary

Don’t wait for the world to be a better place before you do your part. When you set out to better yourself and succeed, it’s not only better for you but for everyone else as well. Aim to make other people’s lives better whenever you’re around them. Try to make sure that your example is a reflection of what you want to see in others. You can still be assertive, but in a way that doesn’t invalidate your message.

These are just some of the things you can do to change the world. If you put them into practice, it’s likely that the first thing that will change will be your own life.

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