Positive People: The Fuel of Healthy Relationships

April 6, 2019
Positive people have amazing energy. They make that feeling of well-being grow constantly.

Some people fill your heart with the purest joy. They’re people who try to make your life less complicated and always think about your well-being. They’re what we call positive people, who simply make our lives better.

These people are able to spark emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in other people with their authenticity. That’s the reason why you’ll feel better around them because they fill the room with joy and make your life easier. 

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the world of positive people. We’ll tell you all about their characteristics, how to attract them, and the benefits of bonding with them.

Positive people favor healthy relationships. They nourish you with their empathy, tolerance, altruism, and love. They take care of you and of themselves. They’re human beings that always offer the best of themselves.

Positive people: What are they like?

  • They have self-knowledge: This makes them handle their emotions properly. They’re more skillful when it comes to facing different situations.
  • Empathetic: Positive people put themselves in your shoes and are capable of understanding what you think and feel.
  • Tolerant: They’re willing to respectfully hear different opinions.
  • Honest: They’re capable of saying what they think and feel because honesty is important to them.
  • Altruistic: They care about others’ well-being without expecting anything in return.
  • Authentic: They’ll always be themselves, no matter what.
Friends hugging each other.

Positive people always try to respect boundaries and they know what’s convenient for them. They’re able to say ‘no’, although it’s not always easy for them. This makes them more assertive in their relationships.

But, of course, they’re not perfect. They make mistakes just like the rest of us. The thing is, the way they face their problems and the solutions they come up with are different since they always have their own and others’ well-being in mind.

How can you attract positive people?

Like we said earlier, positive people will definitely make you feel better. Here’s how to attract them to your life:

  • Learn to set boundaries: If you know where to draw the line and keep people from crossing it, you’ll find more positive people, as the toxic ones will just stay away from you. Healthy and positive people understand your boundaries and your points of view and respect them.
  • Say goodbye to codependency: Relationships in which one person needs the other to feel good end up becoming toxic. It’s better to simply be with someone just because they make you happy, not because you need them to be happy.
  • How do you behave? Sometimes, other people aren’t toxic. Instead, you’re the toxic one. In order to change that, start by getting to know yourself and work on your personal issues with the goal of offering the best version of yourself to the world.
  • Think about how you feel: If you start to think about your relationships, you’ll realize which feelings, ideas, and behaviors they spark in you. Is the other person the problem or is it you? Identifying this is key. If you don’t feel good around them, that’s a sign that you’re in a toxic relationship.

As you can see, there are several ways to attract positive people. It’s important that you pay attention to yourself and to the other person, change the things about yourself that you consider might not encourage a healthy environment, and, if you’re still suffering around the other person, then you should consider getting out of that harmful relationship.

Friends hugging at sunset.

The benefits of staying close to positive people

Positive people have the power of making us feel alive. Being around them will bring you many benefits such as:

  • Mature relationships
  • Quality of life
  • Peace
  • A feeling of balance
  • A more positive view of the world and of your problems
  • More freedom
  • Authentic relationships

Neva Millic and Ana Maria Aron from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile carried out a study in which they discovered that positive people help make optimal environments for learning and for healthy interpersonal relationships. They fuel these environments with the potential of socialization, inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves.

Thus, if we stop to analyze different contexts, we’ll find that toxic people foster a negative atmosphere. That’s why it’s better to surround yourself with positive people.

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