Why Is The Word "Nankurunaisa" The Key To Everything?

Why Is The Word "Nankurunaisa" The Key To Everything?

Last update: 18 April, 2018

The word “Nankurunaisa” has become popular because it works as a powerful mantra. This word comes from ancient Japan and its original meaning was:

“Never forget who you are and live for today and for tomorrow; never forget to smile and, however bad your day has been, remember that the next day the sun will receive you with a big smile, so do the same yourself”.

Over time, this broad definition has been summarized and adapted to express a desire and powerful affirmation. Its current meaning is: “Everything will work out in the end”. It is a beautiful message with so much potential.

“Mantras are resources to protect our mind against unproductive cycles of thoughts and actions”


The word “Nankurunaisa” originally came from the Okinawan language. It started as multiple words: “Nankuru nai sa”. They were then joined together and became a single word with a wider meaning.

Nankurunaisa, an ancient mantra

The Japanese used the word “Nankurunaisa” to evoke everything good about life. They used it a lot. They felt that the simple practice of saying it brought them inner peace and trust in what was to come.

As a result, little by little the word “Nankurunaisa” became a mantra. A mantra is an expression that helps you connect with a positive, encouraging inner energy. It involves deep emotional connection and inner balance.

Mantras, along with prayers, take on a very special meaning for those who use them. They work. They focus our thoughts on one thing, which triggers constructive emotions. Even more so in the case of a word like “Nankurunaisa,” which has become a mantra of hope.

tree in the sky

The key to everything?

“Nankurunaisa” is a way of saying “everything is going to be alright” and thus many consider it the key to everything. They are right to think this way. Trusting in what is to come has immense power to help us to keep going, especially important in hard times when we feel there’s no way out.

Trust is what helps us to persist. If we didn’t believe that everything would be alright in the end, we would surely give upas soon as we came across any obstacle. On the other hand, when we trust, we can gather the strength we need to overcome apparently insurmountable difficulties.

This is what the word “Nankurunaisa” invites us to do: to accept the wisdom of time. To understand that if we persevere, time itself will sort things out. We just have to let things flow and add a bit of trust to what we do.

Everything is a mantra

Actually, any word can be a mantra. It doesn’t have to come from any religion or philosophy in particular to have power. It is us who give words their power, especially when we repeat an emotionally significant word. That’s why there are other expressions that can do the opposite of words like Nankuruaisa.

glass jar: Nankurunaisa

Anything that we repeat frequently becomes a personal mantra. If you say “it’s so boring” all the time, then you’ll feel bored about everything. The same applies if you constantly say “I don’t want to”, “I don’t like it”, or “I can’t.” It conditions your behavior.

Your thoughts and emotions vibrate at the rhythm of the words you use to describe your state of mind. Hence the importance of learning to use language responsibly and constructively. Words end up determining our thoughts, and our thoughts condition our whole life.

There’s a reason the word “Nankurunaisa” is still so relevant now, after thousands of years. While it may have been forgotten to some extent, it never disappeared from the language. Today it is used in all corners of the world as a private song of hope and optimism.

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