"Mother," A Beautiful Short That Promotes Family Cooperation

"Mother," A Beautiful Short That Promotes Family Cooperation

Last update: 21 February, 2022

As a society, we hold our mothers up as an example of superheroes that can do everything. We admire our mother’s capacity for action, strength and incredible way of responding to the needs of the whole family.

While we fight for gender equality, we assume that women will fulfill the role of mothers and homemakers. It’s time that we question that assumption.

The short we present here today perfectly exemplifies this.

illustration mother and daughter

Mother, a beautiful tribute

Mother” is the original title without translation of this beautiful animated short film made in 2015 by a group of students from Canada called the “Kokorosh Study”. In 5 minutes they wonderfully represent a challenge that moms have to face every day: being able to do everything.

Being able to do everything and being the emotional center of a family is a responsibility that rests mostly on mothers. It is not fair that they “are required to do everything” and it is deeply exhausting.

It seems many people around the world can relate. The was nominated for Annie Awards Awards 2016 in the category for Best Student Film. Let us watch it and reflect …

We should value mothers for caring for us and loving us. We shouldn’t base their worthiness on their ability to do everything perfectly.

This sweet short film promotes family cooperation and the idea that we can all share the responsibilities that mothers have traditionally held. This is beneficial at all levels and, of course, there is no better way to achieve equality.

It is key that children cooperate for their development

It is important for children to cooperate in household chores. Each member should have a responsibility in accordance with their age and ability. From a very young age, children can begin ordering their toys, helping set and clean the table, pick up clothes, making their bed, etc.

mother having fun

We usually have the implicit and false belief that certain responsibilities should not be assumed in childhood. In fact, habits we form as children will characterize how we act as adults. Having chores and responsibilities also encourages kid’s self-perspective and self-esteem and makes the child develop emotional skills that will help them better manage in the future.

It is important that their responsibility does not come from the idea of “I’m helping mom” because really what we want to eliminate is this preconception that a mother has an obligation to do everything for the sake of doing it.

Cooperation at home is the only way to promote emotional well-being of each member, starting with the mother and father and ending with the children.

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