Leave Some Space to Let New Things into Your Life

Leave Some Space to Let New Things into Your Life

Last update: 14 February, 2020

We all get to a point where we want to make changes that will lead us down the path of growth after spending too long being stuck or moving too slowly.

We look at the world around us and feel like turtles, crawling along while everyone else is zipping by.

What people usually do in this situation is fill their schedule with new activities, things, and people without actually making space for them to occupy.

Before making a change like that, it’s important to get rid of everything you don’t want and create enough space for the new to settle in and support you in everything you’re pursuing. Without that space, anything you try to incorporate will end up dissolving in the back of your mind.

The importance of the 3 spaces

Life is a constant flux of situations and relationships. Everything comes and goes. But if you want success, you have to create space for it in your heart, mind, and surroundings.

a woman making space for new things in her life

Clean and heal all the wounds that keep you paralyzed in one spot. If you hold onto things that you should let go, you impede the process of personal growth.

The first step is to learn how to release everything that brings you down or simply doesn’t do anything for you.

Let the old leave, because no bucket full of mud looks cleaner just by adding water. How many people are dissatisfied with their job, yet don’t push themselves to find another one out of fear, a false sense of comfort, or lack of self-confidence?

If you don’t let go of things that no longer have any meaning or excitement, how can anything good come into your life?

Physical space

Clean out your house from top to bottom, and you’ll notice how you react to the decision to let go, even if you’re just throwing out a something little. Closets, boxes, and storage rooms tend to be full of maybes and what ifs, when the truth is you’ll rarely use them even when the chance arises.

Getting rid of those unnecessary objects can be truly liberating.

You can give away or sell things that you no longer have a use for. If you can’t think of anyone who would want it, there are likely donation centers and organizations that exist to find someone who would.

Mental space

Now that you’ve cleaned your living space by getting rid of all the material things you don’t use anymore, the next step is to clean out your mind.

There are tons of thoughts and beliefs about your past that live there, making irritating noises and distracting you from your growth.

With a clearer and warmer attitude towards yourself, you can identify the thoughts that are doing you no good. When you focus your attention on thoughts that aren’t useful, it’s hard to leave room for newer, more helpful ones.

Without even trying to, you’ve given these thoughts the power to govern your life. If you want to renew your mind, you must empty it of all those polluting thoughts and beliefs that drag you down.

This way, you’ll be able to change your belief system, and by extension, your perspective. In other words, you can give yourself the opportunity to create a better version of yourself.

Recognize your fears so that you can be brave and find an effective strategy to take the power back from them.

releasing a bird to fly

Emotional space

You’ve probably gone through more than a few experiences that left you feeling insecure, scared, sad, and guilty. If these feelings have stayed with you, you haven’t grown emotionally since then.

You’ve gotten stuck in those emotions. And now your mind and body relive them until it becomes automatic and uncontrollable.

Our purpose in life is to learn and gain wisdom, but if you’ve been trapped by those emotions, you’re going to really struggle to transform the experience into a lesson learned. As long as those emotions are clinging to your mind and body, you won’t be free to move onto the future you desire.

Allow yourself to express those emotions. Heal them and then let them go. That’s the only way you’ll allow more pleasant ones to take their place.

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