How Companies Deal with Employee Promotion

Why is employee promotion from within so necessary for a company? How does it impact workers? Today's article will discuss the importance of this resource, which isn't always present in organizations.
How Companies Deal with Employee Promotion

Last update: 26 February, 2021

Companies must understand the importance of employee promotion from within in order to ensure corporate success. After all, they already have many tools in place with which they motivate and take care of their workers. This is because they know these are fundamental pillars to help them meet their goals. Thus, they must take good care of them. Many companies use incentives such as promotions and know how important they are.

Employee promotion from within is a strategy any organization can benefit from. Unfortunately, it isn’t always common and it leads to consequences in the short term. Today’s article will tell you more about how this resource works, the various ways to implement it, and the impact it could have on workers.

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The advantages of employee promotion from within

This resource has many positive advantages. However, do you know what the concept of “promotion” refers to?

This term refers to the possibility of getting a promotion and with it a salary increase or a change in the place of work. Furthermore, according to an article published in SABER, it often increases employee satisfaction and performance.

Imagine you work as a telemarketer in a temporary employment agency (ETT). Your job is to answer calls for six hours a day, and you deal with all kinds of customers with many different problems you must help them solve. You’ll eventually be fed up with your job. Thus, companies offer different promotion options in order to prevent this type of situation such as:

  • Additional remuneration. This is means that workers can earn more money if they meet certain extra objectives of the company in addition to the corresponding monthly payment. For example, accomplishing a quota in regard to sales or customer contracts.
  • Promotion. Telemarketers could be promoted to supervisors but must first meet the company requirements, such as maintaining a certain number of sales over a period of several months.

Some companies have locations in different parts of the same autonomous community. An employee who meets the required goals could request a transfer in order to be closer to home if they live far away.

Things to take into account for a promotion

You must have specific and sometimes difficult to demonstrate skills in order to obtain a promotion or a transfer to another location.

Some of these are leadership skills. In fact, many companies consider them essential in those who must lead a team and be responsible for it. This kind of person must know how to guide others and achieve the goals of the organization they work for.

Promotion within companies is a tool that allows employees to evolve, while allowing the company to grow.

Likewise, the spontaneous efficiency and commitment of an employee in regard to their tasks, one without explicit request, can attract the attention of the company they work for and lead to a promotion.

In global terms, promotion within a company won’t only give a worker greater responsibilities, but will also allow them to do other types of work. The kind that’ll challenge them and provide them with a new learning experience at the same time.

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The consequences of no employee promotion

One could conclude that promotions aren’t only opportunities for salary increase but also for acquiring new skills and performing a different job than usual.

However, employees may get bored with their work when there’s no possibility of promotion. Thus, their job performance may drop substantially and will negatively affect the organization as a whole as result.

Similarly, almost every employee feels the need to get ahead at some point. This is the main reason why they do a better job by putting more effort into it and taking an interest in improving it.

Employee promotion is useful at the organizational level

Perhaps it’s time to wonder about the promotion possibilities in your job. There aren’t any? Well, how does that make you feel?

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