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Laura grew up in Ontario, Canada, where her obsession with hockey started, and graduated from the University of Waterloo where she (finally) found her voice. She currently works for the government and found her niche in translation. She currently lives 10 minutes

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Take My Eyes: Portraying Gender Violence

A subject that’s so unpleasant but yet, at the same time, so relatable and common is not easy to portray on the big screen. Gender violence, unfortunately, continues to claim numerous lives in 2018. I’m not talking about taking lives…

Acetylcholine: The Neurotransmitter With Many Functions

Acetylcholine is the most abundant neurotransmitter in the nervous system. This chemical that your brain produces mainly from sugar and choline is the essential messenger that helps neurons communicate. Thanks to it, you’re able to regulate attention and memory, learn new information,…

Can You be Happy After a Traumatic Childhood?

Not everyone has had a happy childhood. Unfortunately, some people have had difficult experiences in life, and sometimes, they leave a deep scar that’s capable of influencing diverse areas in their lives. During infancy, they weave a part of the…

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