8 Things You Have to Stop Doing to Feel Good

8 Things You Have to Stop Doing to Feel Good
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 29 March, 2022

We usually make countless promises to change our lifestyle and to feel good about ourselves. It is important to follow through on these promises, but it can often be easier said than done. 

Here are eight things we should stop doing if we want to be happy. By freeing yourself of them it will be easier for you to start feeling good.

“Life is short, and we unfortunately spend a lot of time thinking about how it can be enjoyed.”

-Ben Johnson-

1. Spend less on material things and more on experiences

Enjoying moments that you will remember for the rest of your life is the best investment. Save and prioritize.

girl on the praries with a butterfly

2. Do not make up stories about your life to seem more interesting

Superficial people are those who simply focus on giving a material appearance and a possibly invented facade to avoid exposing their true self. Let’s say they focus on putting on a mask which stems from great personal insecurity and a fear of fierce criticism. There’s nothing wrong in being a real human being, with defects and virtues.

Concentrate on telling yourself and others the truth. Be authentic and avoid betraying yourself to feel good. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing the sense of what is real and that what is around you is not.

3. Do not be afraid to say “yes” to more things

It is true that at home we are comfortable and safe. But when our routine is based on staying static within our four walls, we always lose out on the huge world on the outside. Invite the word “dare” into your life.

We bring out our true potential when we venture out of our comfort zone, just like all great learning experiences. Do not fear feeling passionate and excited or simply starting new activities; believe me, will change your life for the positive.

4. Do not spend your time on false friends

Surrounding ourselves with people who make our lives miserable or that always think “something is wrong” doesn’t make sense. We spend time we can’t get back, and most importantly, the energy we need to enjoy and live fully. Learn to choose those friends that bring you something magical.

5. Stop feeling bad about not having time

We actually all enjoy the same time if we want to. After all, death, as they say, is something we cannot escape either. And to remember that doesn’t mean we have to experience a trauma or something similar. L ife is simply about prioritizing.

6. Stop being so critical

Don’t base your first impressions on the physical attractiveness. You will agree with me that people are much more than just a photo on Facebook. Remember that our thoughts and criticisms are what we are. And I doubt that you are an empty person who only focuses on what the eye sees but what the heart has not yet been able to touch.

couple riding on bicycles

7. Do not base all your actions on what others think

Dare yourself again to take the first step without continually thinkingwhat will they say” or if your loved ones approve a certain action or not. Avoid doubting yourself and simply ask yourself the question: Why not? What is there to lose?

Remember to honor your values and beliefs even if others question it. You know that if you have the ability to imagine all your goals and dreams to fulfill it is because you have the ability to achieve them.

8. Do not be afraid to carry out your dream, no matter how extraordinary it may seem

If you dream of writing a book, acting in a film, creating a multinational corporation or just traveling around the world why be afraid?

It is good from time to time to look at your surroundings and remember that much of what you are is because of the courage of people who once dared to carry out their dreams: presidents, writers, astronauts, scientists, artists. In short, humans that believed, believed in themselves and dared to take the first step.

“She only spent ten minutes with the love of her life, and thousands   of hours thinking about him.”

-Paulo Coelho-


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