7 Signs of Infidelity Within Your Relationship

7 Signs of Infidelity Within Your Relationship

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Sometimes we have our doubts about whether our partner is being true to us or if they’re playing with our trust. We may only have small hints that raise our suspicions, our partner may deny everything, or we simply may feel that something is not right.

However, it’s hard to be completely sure unless the situation becomes entirely obvious or your partner confesses.

Up next, we’re going to try to shed some light on this issue with some tips that will help you open your eyes to the situation. Nevertheless, it’s important to point out that none of what we will explain in this article can give you a definitive answer. 

Therefore, we need to be specially cautious and not jump to conclusions about our partner’s possible infidelity.

1. They suddenly become obsessed with their phone or social networks

There are two major factors here that we should look into right off the bat. First of all, our partner may have developed a cellphone or social media addiction, which is something we should help them overcome.

So, we must analyze if the onset of their need for constant connection has been sudden or if it came about gradually.

Or infidelity could be hiding behind excessive use of their cellphone.. You should look out for whether your partner has their cellphone on them at all times, whether he constantly checks his messages and calls, if he erases his call logs or uses his cellphone at odd hours.

Nevertheless, we have to point out that you should never go through your partner’s phone or social media, even if you’re sure of their infidelity. This would be a complete and total break of their intimacy and trust towards us.

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2. There’s a part of their lives that they won’t let you be a part of

Suddenly, your partner has an amazing new hobby that they didn’t have before. For you, it’s very difficult for you to understand how it got to this point or why he doesn’t want to share anything that has to do with that hobby with you.

We have to be very careful and understand that this could be their way of reclaiming their own personal and intimate space. 

Thus, it’s important that we look into what could be causing this behavior and never take it as a mistaken sign of infidelity. It’s worth mentioning again that there’s nothing that will 100% guarantee us that our partner is betraying us.

3. Every day he has new meetings and obligations

This type of thing is the first thing that makes us think that maybe there’s something wrong. If your partner starts having meetings outside of their work or academic schedule much too frequently, it’s normal that you may have your doubts.

If on each one of these situations, he tells you down to the last detail everything he did and everyone who he was with, he’s probably not being truthful. As the saying goes: an excuse given without prior request manifests guilt.

Anyhow, let’s remember that it doesn’t always play out this way and that this isn’t a confirmation of what we’re looking for.

4. We find lipstick, hair, unfamiliar objects, etc. on his clothes

Physical evidence also holds the most weight when it comes to an infidelity, or any other situation for that matter. Observing and controlling the existence of these signs can give us irrefutable evidence that will help us confront our partner.

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5. Suddenly, your partner is much more confident

New relationships tend to give our self-esteem and confidence a breath of fresh air. Therefore, if your partner is suddenly on a “high” and you can’t place the reason behind it, it might be a cause for suspicion.

Either way, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing by itself. But when this sign shows up simultaneously with others we have been discussing, it might be indicating there is a third person involved.

6. They suddenly take an interest in their appearance

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Your partner may suddenly start fixing themselves up and caring about their appearance, though they previously didn’t. This may be because they simply like to do so. They might also want to be handsome or beautiful for your sake. Or… they might be cheating on you.

Therefore, though it might be a sign of infidelity, once and again we can’t jump to conclusions simply based on this sign alone.

7. They renew their care for you

Maybe after years of routine in your life and sex-life, your partner surprises you with new interests and a new-found special dedication to you. It’s possible that this is due to your partners desires to renew the relationship… or maybe they learned some new tricks from someone else.

What causes infidelity?

As we’ve mentioned above, despite the fact that these and other behaviors can be signs of a new person in our partner’s life, it’s possible that none of these may be due to an actual infidelity.

Therefore, we’ll repeat once more that we have to be especially careful and not unnecessarily harm the image we have of our dear romantic partner.

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First of all, we must always analyze whether there are current problems in the relationship.

Given that infidelity is one of the biggest topics of interest nowadays, several studies have collected information about the factors associated with deception within romantic relationships.

We would like to point out some of them so that, if necessary, we may keep them in mind to assess whether to break it off or try to resolve the situation:

  • Lack of love. It’s common that, over time, we stop loving our partner despite still really caring for them dearly. This might promote the idea of looking for someone else and being true to yourself, despite being unfaithful to your current partner.
  • Routine and boredom. Over time, routine stops entertaining us and we might feel the need to go out and look for new stimuli. Also, curiosity and sexual and emotional anxiety may favor infidelities.
  • The need for seduction. Some people are locked within their own vanity and narcissism. They measure their own appeal and value based on their conquests.
  • False and selfish beliefs that try to justify infidelity: “just this one time”, “I’ve never been with anybody else, so I have to try it”, “he doesn’t have to find out”, “it’s just sex”, “I can’t pass this chance up”, etc.
  •  A system of values and morals that doesn’t punish infidelity.
  • Communication problems that are hidden and not resolved can cause resentment, which accumulates within the relationship.
  • Loneliness within a relationship due to emotional distancing and a lack of affection.
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction. This tends to favor the idea of seeking another partner who is more compatible.
  • Unrealistic expectations and idealization of the relationship and of your partner can produce great disappointments and cause you to pull away from each other.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.