There Are Years to Ask Questions and Years to Find Answers

There Are Years to Ask Questions and Years to Find Answers

Last update: 28 July, 2022

As one advances in this uncertain, sometimes chaotic but always wonderful ocean that is our life cycle, you realize that you have years to make questions and years to find the answers. In the end, maybe that saying is true. Everything has its own time, and everything has its own heaven under which to take place.

Buddhism tells us that sometimes we look for things that we are not yet ready to find. However, it is in our genes to be curious. It is an inherent part of our minds to ask ourselves questions and defy the limits. To give everything a meaning, everything that surrounds or troubles us.

“When we thought that we had all the answers, suddenly, they changed the questions.”
-Mario Benedetti-

The questions that a teenager may ask about the mysteries of their existence will not be the same ones of someone who is in their forties. Someone who finds themselves, according to Michael F. Steger, psychologist and director of the laboratory for the “Study of the Quality of Life”, in the most creative stage in their personal cycle. Each stage has its own troubles, there’s no doubt. Nevertheless, it is these vital doubts which give our inner engines energy to keep growing, to keep transforming us.

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