The Give and Take of Love

27 May, 2016

To love without being loved back can be one of the most difficult experiences we can endure in our lives. It’s a moment during which we experience abandonment, sadness and a feeling of emptiness that feels unbearable. We can’t care for someone without paying a high price for the consequences it might have.

When we love, we touch the sky have that wonderful sensation that we can handle everything. Nothing seems to matter. But loving also has a different side, that makes you feel like life suddenly has no meaning or makes no sense. As if everything you’ve built and experienced had lost all value. Your dreams and hopes crumble, leaving only bitterness.

The natural tendency that we feel when we love is to go towards the person we care about, an irresistible attraction. It’s impossible for it to stop without going through some suffering.

You can overcome unrequited love

The disappointment and pain of unreturned affection can break lovers, leaving them submerged in desperation. And feeling the deep sensation of not being able to find another person like the one we loved.

girl with umbrella

That is a very common feeling, and a sadness we drag with us. We feel hopeless and unable to go on. However, we are not the first or only ones to go through this process, and experience all of the sadness and solitude that goes with not being loved back. The pain will go away with time.

You learn to live differently, becoming stronger and learning by experience that it’s possible to recover our joy and happiness despite everything. Since our identity and desire to live doesn’t depend on anyone, simply on ourselves.

Love is always worth it

To have loved, in any case, will always be worth it in the end, since it is a sign of life. It’s a unique and unrepeatable experience that changes our world and our way of seeing things. We acquire a special sensibility that helps us appreciate and value any act of love. Beauty becomes more intense and our emotions are more recognizable, so it’s easier to identify them.

When we have truly cared for someone, we have shared our intimacy, recognized the purity of knowing how to love, discovered aspects we didn’t know we had and have acquired a greater knowledge of ourselves.

By loving we have opened up to give the best of ourselves, which shows us the great beauty we possess. And how privileged we have been to have experienced love in all of its splendor.

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We aren’t always prepared to love

Love comes to those who are ready for it, to people who find themselves in a point in their lives in which they can allow themselves to incorporate this feeling into every aspect of their being. Love overtaking us is a great privilege, regardless of the person whom we love or whether they return our feelings. 

To love, one must be in a special predisposition to emotional openness. An internal connection needs to exist, with a sensibility that allows us to experience the whole world of sensations that caring brings.

When heartbreak comes and we don’t understand the cause, we must understand that it’s no one’s fault. Nothing concrete took away our capacity to care for someone.

We simply have to understand that it’s about a feeling, and just how it came, it can leave, and we should take advantage of it while it lasts. We should live and experience it, without any fears or distrust. You have to allow yourself to be loved in order to be able to love, which involves letting all of our energy flow and feeling worthy of feeling love.

Because love is a state of pureness. Our flame is more intense. It’s the breath of the soul, the penetrating whisper that gives meaning to our lives…