Greed Is a Problem of the Heart

Greed Is a Problem of the Heart

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Greed, which is also known as avarice, is the tendency to be selfish, cheap and to hog everything for yourself. Someone who is greedy wants to have more than is necessary or more than they deserve, especially when it comes to money, riches, food or any other type of possession. Greed is also known as avarice.

Avarice is one of the seven deadly sins within the traditional Catholic church (the desire to please oneself with material acquisitions and possessions instead of trying to please God). Also in Buddhism, “desire” is one of the fundamental obstacles for enlightenment. You can’t walk down a path in search of happiness with a compulsive desire to acquire material things.

Greed derives from the basic fear of not having enough. So, without even noticing, the more greedy we are, the more we are self-destructing. Filling the inner void with material things will only aggravate the problem and will make the person feel worse about themselves and the world around them. Greed is caused by the fundamental feeling of deprivation, a necessity for something that is absent or missing or simply not available to us.

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