Don't Miss Out on the Present by Dwelling on the Future

Don't Miss Out on the Present by Dwelling on the Future

Last update: 19 February, 2018

If you focus your sights on your present instead of dwelling on the future, you’ll feel things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to feel. You will give yourself the chance to be grateful for what you have right now.

Everything is temporary. We hold our lives in our own hands. Life is a  finite amount of time presented to us in an immense, fertile space full of different possibilities and opportunities.

Life towers over us with how enormous it is. And it’s there waiting for us to wake up and grab it. It wants us to stop doubting ourselves!

We spend so much time wanting things that are uncertain. We want people to change, or sometimes we even want ourselves to change. We get tunnel vision that prevents us from really seeing what’s around us, the subtle nuances between light and dark.

woman sitting on bench dwelling on the future

Life passes by while you’re dwelling on the future

Life is screaming at us to be seen and heard. It wants to happen to you and be yours. But you’re so busy dwelling on the future, playing out scenarios in your mind, predicting and pre-living future catastrophes that it slips through your fingers like water.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.”

-Robert Herrick-

How much more time will you let slip away while you’re waiting for that person to come into your life, or for the wind to blow in the right direction? 

It’s as if you were banished to another dimension and the only solution you could think of was to sit and wait. You’re not even moving a finger to explore what’s around you.

You’re wasting a chance to feed your senses, to enjoy the little things that are so big at the same time. Life is all about being present in this very instant, feeling every pore on your skin. It’s a journey that will bring you joy, peace, and connection with yourself.

Focus on the present and stop dwelling on the future

You lose this connection when you curl up and hide away, afraid of an uncertain future. You just wait for it to come without really being alive. In essence, you’ve gotten numb.

You think that your story can wait for the right time, for fickle chance to decide to give you what you think you deserve.

But then you don’t trust the opportunities it gives you because you’re afraid of being deceived like a fool. You expect to win without taking risks, when it’s even more foolish to delay the present and all its potential.

It’s like walking around with your eyes closed. If you trip, you’ll just blame life for being so unfair.


When you focus too much on what you think life should be giving you, and not on what you could be doing right now, you’ll never get rid of the powerlessness and frustration. Dwelling on the future is counterproductive.

Instead, if you focus on what you can get out of life, on the interactions you can have with it, then your perspective will change.

Open your eyes and soul

When you open your eyes and soul, you’ll see things you couldn’t see before. You’ll be able to perceive nuances that would go unnoticed if you kept your eyes closed. Then, you’ll be able to truly enjoy life.

woman on bike living in the present

We’re not just talking about huge events with repercussions other people can see. Really, we’re talking about something much more intimate and sensory. 

We’re talking about feeding your soul with the joy of being alive every day, learning from  nature and everything it has to offer.

Find your meaning in life and savor it as much as you can. Don’t let it pass you by, because life is fleeting and it wants you to be awake every second.

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