Discover the 8 Types of Intelligence

Discover the 8 Types of Intelligence
Bernardo Peña Herrera

Written and verified by the psychologist Bernardo Peña Herrera.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Generally, when we think of a smart person, we think of a mathematician who solves problems most people would never understand. Someone who is capable  of doing calculations faster than we could even write them down. This follows a traditional idea of intelligence as a unique skill that has to do with abstract thought.

In 1988, the psychologist Howard Gardner proposed a theory that changed this reductionist idea: the theory of multiple intelligences.

According to the theory of multiple intelligences, there isn’t just one single form of intelligence, but rather several, which develop in different ways within each individual.

“Each human being has a unique combination of intelligence. This is the fundamental educational challenge.”
-Howard Gardner-

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This would explain, for example, that some people who are very intelligent in the field of math may not be so good when it comes to establishing relationships. Or that an exceptional musician may not be as gifted in expressing himself through words.

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