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Vicente Bay Alarcon


Psychologist specializing in third generation therapies and forensic psychology. He has participated in national and international congresses as a researcher for university groups, as a psychotherapist for clinics, and as a freelance clinical psychologist. He has exercised this last profession since 2012, one that he complements by acting as a disseminator.

About the author

Graduate in Psychology from the National University of Distance Learning (2012). He completed a Master's D egree in Third Generation Therapies from the Valencian International University (2013) and a Master's Degree in Psychology Research from his alma mater (2016). He also specialized in Legal and Forensic Psychology at his university, where he's also pursuing a doctorate in Health Psychology.

Furthermore, he has complementary training in systemic family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mentalization therapy, mindfulness, and personal development through a series of courses and programs. He's been a member of the UNED Constructivist Research Group (GICUNED) since 2016.

He has participated as a research speaker in various oral communications and symposiums, such as the VI National Congress of ASEPCO, I National Congress of APCAE, IV National Congress of Psychology, International Symposium on Psychological Prevention, the V Forum of Researchers in Training of the UNED, the XI International, and the XVI National Congress of Clinical Psychology. Since 2012, he has been working as a freelance psychologist.

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