Your Eyes are the Mirror to Your Soul

Your eyes don't lie, they reveal your emotions, personality and even your intentions. Indeed, everything you feel is reflected in these windows to your soul.
Your Eyes are the Mirror to Your Soul

Last update: 24 November, 2021

Your eyes don’t lie. They’re the mirror to your soul, and they always express your true feelings. Therefore, the best way to start getting to know someone is always to look them in the eye and try to recognize the clues they’re giving out about their emotional state, and what they’re feeling.

Your eyes, like your gestures, betray you to others. In fact, they tell more about you than anything you might say. As a matter of fact, non-verbal communication makes up a great deal of the information that you transmit to others.

“The soul that can speak through the eyes, can  also kiss with a gaze. “

-Gustavo Adolfo Becquer-

The mirror to your soul

Many studies reveal that, when you meet someone, their eyes can transmit a wide range of sensations to you. For example, you might feel trust or distrust, security or fear, etc. No doubt, you’ve experienced this in your daily life. It’s almost as if you can reach the souls of others through their eyes.

Couple looking into each other's eyes

Some experts have studied people’s faces and have observed that the eyes are the mirror of the soul because they’re, in effect, the most sincere part of the face. Indeed, you have no control over your eyes, unlike, for example, your mouth. If you like something, your pupils dilate involuntarily and immediately. Similarly, if you dislike something, they contract.

The body language of your eyes

Below, we’ll talk about some of the reasons why it’s said that your eyes are the mirror to your soul.


When someone’s eyes are narrowed, crinkled, and shine brighter than normal, they’re likely to be feeling good. In fact, it’s not necessary to see a person’s smile to realize that they’re happy, you can tell it by their gaze.

“The eyes are the point where soul and body mix.”

-Friedrich Hebbel-


If you see a person with wide-open eyes and a penetrating look, they’re attentive to what you’re saying or what they’re doing. If they’re talking to you at the time, they’re paying attention to your words. However, you’d have to look at other non-verbal signals to work out if they’re feeling positive about what you’re saying or not.


Woman with her sad eyes

You’ll be able to recognize this emotion which is also one of the most common. Even though it’s one we often try and hide. In this case, the eyelids and the lower edges of the eyebrows are raised.


When you’re angry your eyebrows are raised and your expression is extremely serious. Sometimes, you might even frown.

Uncertainty or evaluation

The moment you listen to someone and narrow your eyes, you’re indicating that either you’re evaluating what they say and doubt its veracity, or you’re not really understanding them very well. However, squinting can also indicate tiredness.

Sexual desire or cognitive effort

When you feel sexual desire or make some cognitive effort, your pupils dilate, as we mentioned earlier. In fact, they leave you totally exposed to the other person. You can’t avoid it, to the point that you might find yourself rubbing your eyes because you feel uncomfortable.

“It terrifies me, it weakens me, it kills me to know  that the beauty is not your eyes, it’s how you look at me. “

-David Sant-

The “social face”

Woman with expressive eyes

As we’ve seen so far, the expression your eyes are the mirror of your soul has a verifiable basis. However, it also goes much further. In fact, psychologists and scientists in the area of human language studies have discovered that from childhood until approximately the age of 40, we choose a series of faces that we adapt for very different communicative situations.

They call this your social face. It’s extremely significant, for example, in sad moments when, for some reason, you feel you want to laugh, but you manage to keep your face composed. In this regard, Teresa Baró affirms that it’s not that we’re liars. It’s because living in society requires certain patterns of behavior that we must maintain as a means of survival.

We’re not liars but we can adjust our facial expressions and even the movements of our eyes voluntarily. However, we can never prevent our eyes from being the reflection of what we feel, the mirror of our souls.

“The worst betrayal you can do to yourself is not to do what your eyes shine for.”


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