Human Relationships

Relationships are the pillar of human behaviour. Find out how to create the healthiest and happiest bonds. Learn how to effectively manage difficulties with your partner or family. Improve your quality of life today with all these details about social psychology, family psychology, or approaches based in couple therapy.

August: Osage County: Family and Psychological Damage

Our families are the starting points that, in many cases, influence us beyond our childhood. In this sense, the film August: Osage County captures a family that’s far from idyllic. This family seems perfect from the outside, but only those on the…

The Four Most Common Work Conflicts

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to working with other people is dealing with conflicts of all kinds. It’s necessary to work as a team to achieve individual objectives. However, tension is normal and to be expected. In this article,…

5 Myths About Senior Sexuality

Many consider senior sexuality a taboo subject. Society doesn’t talk about it out of shame, fear, or simply ignorance. We praise eternal youth, link sexuality to it, and think it’s exclusively for young people.

Self-concept and Sexuality: How Are They Related?

The relationship between self-concept and sexuality is based on the answer to certain questions, such as: “Do you like your body, consider yourself attractive, think you are a good lover and enjoy your relationships?” We can determine if we have…

5 Keys To Improving Sexual Communication

Love is a recurring topic in thousands of conversations, books, and movies. Art, with its countless variants, has explored all of love’s nooks and crannies. We love talking about the emotional aspect of love, but not about the physical aspect. If sexual…

Are There Sex Differences in Intelligence?

“Women must earn less than men because they’re weaker, smaller, and less intelligent”. A Polish MEP made these statements just a year ago. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard some unfortunate, documented comments that compared men’s intelligence to women’s.

Sexual Anxiety, When Intimacy Scares You

Nowadays, there’s supposedly sexual freedom and no taboos. And we say “supposedly” because, when it comes down to it, this isn’t really the truth. At least not for an important group of people who don’t enjoy intimacy. Some of them…

5 Foods That Can Improve Your Sex Life

There are foods that can improve your sex life. Stress, routine, and our lifestyles make it difficult for us to achieve a full sex life. However, if we follow some advice to change our habits, we’ll be able to feel…