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Francisco Jimenez Criado

Art historian

Professor of Art History. He has holistic knowledge about psychology, literature, cinema, painting, and history. He works as a high school teacher and collaborates with different digital media in writing and editing content related to his areas of expertise.

About the author

Graduated in History of Art from the University of Salamanca. He has knowledge in different branches of art, cinema, literature, and history. He ibroadens his training with a Master's Degree in Education, where he works on educational and social methodologies and behaviors of young people. He also develops some courses focused on sociology, geography, and human thought .

He currently works as a high school teacher and as an editor for Grupo MContigo. He has extensive experience in the field of content writing, as well as publications focused on art and film themes and research related to the understanding of the principles that govern people's creativity and imagination. He considers himself to be passionate about cinema, psychology, history, and the different ways of expressing art .

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