Negative Images that Occupy Your Mind

· June 3, 2016

Everyone wants to look and feel good, but we’re not talking merely in superficial terms. We’re talking about looking good, feeling good, and being in line with who we are.

Ask yourself: why don’t I feel good about myselfWhat are you doing wrong? Maybe you want to be like the rest, but that’s just because you haven’t discovered yourself yet.

The first step towards feeling good about yourself comes from within. Are you looking at yourself through a lens of confidence or insecurity?

Look in the mirror. What do you see? Don’t focus only on your outer appearance, which often reflects your interior, but pay attention to the person you’ve become. Focus on whether what you see is a reflection of yourself or other people.

Why do you think you’re not at ease with yourself? It’s the result of negative images that occupy your mind without you even realizing it. To eliminate them, you should first get to know them. Which ones do you identify with?

melting image

Get rid of your labels

Labels limit us. Sometimes they’re useful, but other times they discredit us. Throughout our lives, many people will say that we’re incompetent. They don’t believe in us and it makes us feel like we have very little value.

This causes us to focus on our weaknesses and it takes away the confidence you need to believe in yourself and achieve everything that you want.

Think about the things that affect you and why you let them. It’s within your power to accept what other people say or not. Who defines you? You or someone else?

Don’t let anyone else tell you who you are. Only you can really define yourself. Today, start ignoring the words that devalue you. When people say “You can’t do it, you’re not capable,” they’re labeling you as incompetent. But do you agree? Only you have the answer.

Your security shouldn’t depend on other people

Do you feel insecure? Does your sense of security depend on other people? Security should come only from yourself; you should trust in your potential.

It’s easier to lean on other people, but then you’ll be helpless when their support falters. Your security shouldn’t depend on other people, but rather on yourself. Don’t let others lead you. You should be able to guide yourself towards your goals and achieve the things you desire.

Take advantage of all of the positive words that people have said to you, but leave behind all the ones that hurt you, frustrated you, or prevented you from realizing your dreams.

Value the positive things about yourself and eliminate the negativity that keeps you from your dreams. Focus on the positive and start to get to know yourself. Your security should depend on only yourself. Trust in yourself and work towards your dreams.

girl with heart balloons

Raise your self-esteem

Our self-esteem is seriously affected by all the negative images that haunt and disturb us. Are you going to let that happen?

Self-esteem is a very fragile thing. In a matter of seconds, it can fall to the floor. So it’s important to take care of it and try to keep it stable.

To start, you shouldn’t let anyone damage your self-esteem. And along the same lines, only you can raise it. Because damaging it is very easy; anyone can do that. Avoiding that and forging an unbreakable self-esteem is in your hands only.

Motivate yourself every day and distance yourself from all the people who try to destroy your self-esteem. You should be secure with yourself, value yourself, and love yourself.

“We all know that selfesteem comes from what you think of you, not what other people think of you.”

-Gloria Gaynor-

All of those negative images live in your mind. Maybe they’ve been forced upon you since you were little, or maybe you’ve been exposed to them gradually. However it happened, you can overcome them and eliminate them from your mind.

You just have to trust in yourself and not let anyone else destroy your self-esteem. Only you have the ability to free yourself from all the negativity and set upon the path towards your goals. Don’t let yourself depend on anyone else; trust in yourself and in your potential.