Find Your Motivation

· August 6, 2016

We need constant motivation just to get up every morning and start our daily routine, with all the responsibilities and goals that come with it.

But sometimes, we can’t find enough motivation. Life is lacking meaningnothing we’re struggling for is working out, and the path that once was straight is now full of dangerous curves.

“This special secret [to motivation], it seems to me, can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy.

-Walt Disney-

Discovering what motivates us is a difficult task because we always try to see it in reverse: we think that what we do is what motivates us. What we don’t know is that motivation comes from within ourselves.

That’s why we should learn to look within to find it. To do that, follow a few steps to work on your security, confidence, and perseverance…

The strength of motivation

With enough motivation, you can get anything you want. Reach any height that you want to reach. But to sustain your motivation, you have to nourish it. How can you do that?

  • Find meaning in what you do.
  • Persevere in what you want to achieve.
  • Identify your strengths.
  • Reflect on what really matters to you, and what you want to achieve first.
  • List the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

All of this will help you to sustain enough motivation to give you the strength to keep going. Because it will be this strength that will help you persevere.

riding a bike up a hill

It’s very important to always be realistic. Motivation is not fed by dreams that cannot be accomplished, but by the ones that can actually come true. They likely won’t come all at once, but rather little by little, slowly but surely.

What can you do when you can’t motivate yourself? Don’t worry. Live through the state of demotivation so you can build up your strength again and remotivate yourself in the right moment.

It’s okay to fall down, as long as you’re brave enough to get up again.

Utilize demotivation as an opportunity to regain your strength, not to collapse. This way, not only will you have the strength necessary to get up again, but you’ll also discover how to motivate yourself.

Self-motivation is key

If you do something that you like – if you’re immersed in a project that keeps you active, awake, and interested – motivating yourself is very easy. But what about when everything is the opposite?

thumbs up

You have to start with self-motivation. External motivation is temporary; it won’t last long unless you can find some motivation within yourself.

To help you through this process, there are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind to boost your self-motivation and find it whenever you need it:

  • Get up quickly after you’ve been hurtafter a few hours, the pain will be nothing but a memory.
  • Remember that nobody said it would be easy. Everything you want to achieve will take a lot of effort, but success will taste that much better because of it.
  • Visualize your dreams to push you into making them reality. Don’t let them remain imaginary; make them real!
  • Put continuous pressure on yourself and encourage yourself to improve.
  • Get out of your routine and try something new every day.

These guidelines will help you see each morning as a challenge. You need this if you want to find motivation,

It’s very important to keep yourself active, draw strength from wherever you can, and to not let your goals pass right in front of you.

“If we don’t learn how to motivate ourselves,
none of the external motivation that we could receive will do any good.”

-Bernardo Stamateas-

We all know how to motivate ourselves, but the problem is that demotivation is more comfortable. Like everything else in life, achieving something good will cost you. Finding the strength to motivate yourself will give you the chance to soak everything in once you have achieved it.

Find your internal motivation to get what you want and put all of your effort into it, and you will be rewarded. A great deal of effort will bring you big results.