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Keys to Connecting With an Introvert

You have to find the right moment to connect with an introvert. Connecting with them involves approaching them and finding out that they can be great conversationalists. We can also learn that these people make great friends. Under their somewhat…

Change Blindness: How You Overestimate Your Visual Ability

Changes are constantly happening around you. These modifications are relevant but seemingly imperceptible. Consequently, we don’t realize they’re taking place. That’s why they say that humans suffer from change blindness. We place too much trust in our ability to detect visual…

How Does Fake News Affect Us?

Fake news has existed for many years. However, it has grown into a common phenomenon thanks to social media. Initially, people believed the Internet would create a democracy of information. And this has happened in a way, but the Internet…

3 Beautiful Chinese Fables

Almost all Chinese fables, especially the oldest ones, are short stories with great lessons. People have passed them on from generation to generation and many of them are still talked about nowadays. In this article, we share three beautiful Chinese fables.

How to Know If You’re Too Silent

It’s not easy to know when we should speak up and when we should be silent. You could say that being able to recognize the right moment for each one is an art. The proverb “When words are many, transgression is…

Improve Your Self-Esteem With Mindfulness

Defining self-esteem isn’t a simple task. We could say that self-esteem is the emotional part that stems from our self-concept, the emotions that arise from how we see ourselves. These emotions create thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that tend to reinforce…

Hulk Syndrome: Bruce Banner’s Nightmare

Not a lot of people know about Hulk Syndrome. It’s characterized by sudden explosions of anger. These explosions often turn into violent behavior. The medical name for it is syndrome of Amok. However, people associate it with the green monster Hulk.

5 Keys To Improving Sexual Communication

Love is a recurring topic in thousands of conversations, books, and movies. Art, with its countless variants, has explored all of love’s nooks and crannies. We love talking about the emotional aspect of love, but not about the physical aspect. If sexual…

What is a Minimalist Lifestyle?

Architect and writer John Pawson says that “minimalism, more than an architecture, is a way of life”. This is exactly how some people have come to understand minimalism. In this regard, they created a platform to teach about minimalist lifestyles.

The Power is in Your Values

The best example of this is undoubtedly Gandhi. He was able to defeat an empire with his convictions and renouncing any type of violence. However, there are many everyday heroes with the same message: the power is in your values.