These 5 Habits Are Making You Age Faster

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We live in a world obsessed with beauty and physical appearance. We think that looks are everything and we search for the elixir of youth in expensive beauty treatments and restrictive diets. It is as if we cannot peacefully accept that growing older is a part of life, of our life.

What we should really be focused on as we age, rather than our physical appearance, is our health. A lack of good health keeps us from participating activities that we enjoy.

Health is truly important and yet most of the time we do not pay any attention to it. Taking care of our health will make us radiant and allows our natural beauty to remain with us throughout the years.

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Do you have any of these habits? If so, you may be speeding up the aging process.

1 – Eating unhealthy food

Sugars, salt, saturated fats, and processed foods do not support our good health. They cause our body to oxidize more quickly, like a clock we have not taken care of.

Commit to fresh foods like vegetables and fruits, fish, meat without fat, and drink tea. Green and white tea are two excellent sources of antioxidants and yes, forget about sweetening them with white sugar. Instead choose brown sugar, stevia, or agave. Do not forget to drink water to keep hydrated; good hydration contributes to having healthy, young, beautiful skin.

2 – Getting too much sun

The sun, and the vitamin D it provides us, are excellent for our body. If we live in a country where the sun shines we are really fortunate; but, according to the experts, the sun we receive while out and about is enough.

Although the beach is an excellent natural tranquilizer, if we spend too much time in the sun our body will age prematurely, as much outside as inside. Our skin will wrinkle sooner, sun spots will appear, and we will have an older appearance, besides playing Russian roulette with skin cancer.

3 – A lack of emotional health 

When we are always angry, worry too much, hurry through life, or are too stressed, all of that translates into a mountain of pains and illnesses like stomach pain, headaches, problems with our muscles and bones. Turn over a new leaf and being to look at yourself and find another way.

Pay attention to the good things you have and do not focus on all of the negative. Try not to let yourself be angry as often and don’t let stress overtake your life. Accept situations, accept the world as it is and look at life with a smile.

4- Too much routine

Relying too much on routine is another habit that makes us age faster. When we feel that we have finished everything, that nothing surprises us, and we simply go through day by day always the same, we begin to age inside and outside.

Go to the movies, to the theater, to a museum and do activities and enrich you. You will feel more agile and active, and definitely younger. If you maintain the excitement and desire to keep learning, you will see how you and everything around you seems younger.

5- Lack of sleep, smoking, drinking, and a sedimentary lifestyle

There are no worse habits than these to make our bodies age more rapidly. Sleep repairs us inside and outside; it relaxes our body and mind and keeps us young and healthy. Smoking is toxic for our bodies and the physical effects are drastic and obvious. Although a glass of wine or beer  a day is OK, drinking in excess will cause premature aging. Finally, not getting enough exercise is a key contributor to aging. Get little exercise each day, like climbing a few flights of stairs, walking, or dancing, and you’ll feel and look more youthful.

Forget the creams and treatments; change your habits to look and feel younger!

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